The photographs are all black & white prints about Cedar Key, the fishing and clam farming industries, and the waterwomen, whose stories make up each chapter.  All photos are by me, and are from my WaterWomen portfolio.
     The portfolio covers the time from the early 1990's to the present.  It includes  images from the last days of net fishing and Cedar Key. Then it concentrates on the women's role in clam farming, and oystering.  It also contains portraits of the women. A representative sample of the photos is attached.
     A large selection of photographs is available, and  I continue adding to the portfolio.

Technical Details

     The majority of the photographs in the portfolio were made with a 35 mm SLR on Fuji Neopan film.  I also use pinhole cameras, plastic Holga cameras, and TLR's.
     My prints are usually toned with Kodak Poly Toner or they are lith printed.  This gives them the warm patina I prefer. 





950602-36  Hungry Bend 
950602-04  Morgan Fine 
960502-29  Harriet Smith FL 133 
990203-29  Jeanine Beckham shucking oysters 
000702-08  Heather Calvert pulling clam bag 
000402-33  April Hathcox 
950601-06  Heather McDana unloading clams 
020619-19  Jeanine Beckham FL 1807 SF - oyster planting 
001005-10  April & Diana pulling clam bag 
020618-20  Jeanine Beckham with Billie & Joe - oyster planting 
000402-22  Diana shifting boat
0208A-07   Jeanine Beckham Sunday - off Atsena Otie Key
960906-0E  Heather McDana portrait behind screen door 
020610-08  Diana Topping - mermaid
0209A-18   Hurricane in the Gulf