The Market

This book has four primary markets:

 - Photography

 - History

 - Women's Studies

 - Florida souvenir shoppers & tourists

     With its striking black & white photographs of the waterwomen, it appeals to a large segment of the photography market that has traditionally been interested in and supported this type of photography.
     The combination of photographs and first hand accounts of the waterwomen make this an invaluable historical reference,  recording a subject that is not covered in any form, in any medium.
By moving into an area that has historically been dominated by men, the activities of the waterwomen are of great interest to readers and students of women's studies.
     Visitors flock to Florida's coastline in extremely large numbers every year.  They are almost by definition interested in water and maritime oriented activities.  This book allows them an insight into the real Florida.  An insight they would not discover, left to their own devices.

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