Cedar Key, Florida consists of a small group of barrier islands on the west coast of Florida; in the northern portion of the Gulf of Mexico.  It is populated by only about 250 families.  Since it is rather remote, lacks spectacular beaches, sparkling blue waters, and has brutally hot and humid summers with occasional hurricanes disrupting things, it has escaped the over development plaguing much of Florida.  The downtown area is sleepy, much of it consisting of vacant lots and buildings.

The Last Picture Show.....fine print

A while ago a group of the vacant buildings/lots were acquired by developers and are now marketed as an “EQUITY RESIDENCE CLUB.” You can see their web site here:  http://www.cedarkeyvillage.com/
During the winter of 2006/07 I took a series of camera obscura [pinhole] photos of buildings and grounds that make up the proposed development.  The key image of the portfolio is a photo of the remains of the town's movie theater, hence "The Last Picture Show."

With the phcotos is text from Cedar Key Village advertisements and newspaper articles about the project.





christian harkness